Staff & Leadership

Calvary Lutheran School employs some of the brightest, most experienced, most dedicated staff that the Kansas City area has to offer. Our staff strives to drive our students down a path towards excellence, equipping children with a Christ-centered education that will impact the rest of their lives.

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Administrator & Staff

Our administrator, directors, and pastoral staff oversee the operations that drive education and care in Calvary Lutheran School. This team fosters the environment of Calvary that many families have come to love, entrusting the education of their children to us.

Rev. Bryce Bereuter, Pastor

Roy Pounds, Extended Care Director

Linda Steffens, School Administrative Assistant

Sandy Cadwell, Business Office Manager

Ashley Walz, Business Office Assistant

K-8 Teachers

The K-8 staff works with your children as they grow through some of the most crucial stages of life. Calvary families believe in our K-8 staff’s ability to exceed the needs of their children’s education and well-being.

  • Heather Croucher, 8th Grade
  • Kevin Dierks, 7th Grade and Enrichment
  • Nicole Cantrell-Hantel, 7th Grade
  • Bruce Kletke, 6th Grade and Technology
  • Candi VanVolkenburgh, 6th Grade and Athletic Director
  • Lori Stengel, 5th Grade
  • Michelle Beers, 4th Grade
  • Janet Lathem, 3rd Grade
  • Corrie Klatt, 2nd Grade
  • Bev Jamison, 1st Grade
  • Laurie Riddle, Kindergarten
  • Ruth Kunkel, Music and Enrichment
  • Elita Bohn, Art and Enrichment

Early Education Lead Teachers

Our early education team is passionate about going above the highest standards of care for children in their youngest stages of life. Our staff prepares each of our youngest students to enter the elementary level of education by meeting all of your children’s needs and cultivating a familiarity of a Christian education environment.

Oak Campus:

  • Sharon Burger, Infant A
  • Chris Kuehnast, Infant B
  • Michelle Daub, Infant C
  • Judy Luellen, Infant D
  • Sara Bennett, Toddler A
  • Cynthia Hoyle, Toddler B
  • Nancy Hoelscher, Toddler C
  • Peggy Stewart, Toddler D
  • Joyce Burge, 2-Year-Old A
  • Sally Aebly, 2-Year-Old B
  • Jill Groce, Pre-School 3/4
  • Stephanie Herman, Pre-School 3
  • Pham Hong, Pre-School 4
  • Laurie Persich, Pre-K

Wornall Campus:

  • Shanay Smith, Infant 1
  • Sharell Turner, Infant 2
  • Lakeisha Hogan, Infant/Toddler
  • Debbie Roiko, Toddler 1
  • Lisa Ogden, Toddler 2
  • Trellisa Smith, 2-Year-Old
  • Raven Lee, Pre-School 3
  • Jessica Castel, Pre-School 4
  • Ann Knopps, Pre-K

Board of Christian Education

Our board consists of volunteer leaders who work with faculty, administrators, staff, and parents to foster a thriving academic environment for our children, centered on Christ’s love. The congregation of Calvary Lutheran Church elects the Board of Christian Education, and all members serve a minimum two-year term.


Kathy Alber, Director
Board member since 2014

“My family felt at home from the very moment we walked through the doors of Calvary four years ago. We were shown a loving, nurturing environment with amazing teachers who not only educate our children, but also assist us in cultivating a love for Christ. Our children have been encouraged to work through issues in positive ways and develop respect for one another. We have not been disappointed and cannot imagine our children going anywhere else.”

Paula Henry, Marketing
Board member since 2011

“I love Calvary because it is a small Christian school that practices patience, grace, and forgiveness, all with a high academic standard. And not only does Calvary encourage prayer in school, Calvary cultivates and encourages prayer.”

Julie Springer, Treasurer

Board member since 2007

“I know that every morning when I drop off the girls at Calvary, they will be loved and inspired by the teachers and fellow students. They will be challenged academically, encouraged to grow socially, and surrounded by loving Christian role models, which will help them develop emotionally.”



Jon Laurer
Board member since 2015

“We love the Calvary community. Everyone, from the parents to the principal is working towards the same goal: the future of our children.”


Chris Hall
Board member since 2015

“As a parent, I am concerned about making the right decision on where my kids spend their days and the education they get. These concerns quickly subside when they never really want to leave school at the end of the day. They love their teachers and classrooms so much which I feel is just as much as their teachers love them.”