K-8 Pick up/Drop off Instructions

Drop off instructions for mornings

All children are required to sign in at Extended Care if dropped off before 7:55 am

Morning Extended Care

Drop off children between 7:00 – 7:55 a.m. at #1 (Main Doors)

3rd – 8th Grades (8:10 School starts)

Drop off children at #1 (Main Doors)

K – 2nd Grades (8:10 School Starts)

Drop off children at #2 (CLS Entrance)

Pick up instructions for afternoons

3:30 Pick-Up

  • K-2nd Grades who do not have siblings in 3rd-8th Grades
    Drive around the building to #3 (South Parking Lot)
  • K-2nd Grades with siblings in 3th-8th Grades
    Pick up at #1 (Main Doors)

(K-2nd students with siblings in 3rd-8th will be chaperoned from their classroom to the Main Doors. They will be picked up with their older siblings from 3rd-8th Grades)

  • 3rd Grade Students
    Pick up at #1 (Main Doors)
  • 4th–5th Grade Students
    Pick up at #1 (Main Door)
  • 6th –8th with younger siblings
    Pick up at #1 (Main Door)
  • 6th-8th Grades with no younger siblings
    Pick up at #4 (Playground)