Extended Care Program

Calvary Lutheran School accommodates busy working parents through our Extended Care program, open 7-8am before school and 3:30-6pm after school. Care is $5/hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Parents may also select the Money Savings Plan of $55/week per child if their child attends Extended Care every day. (This is often a more economical option.) There is a $25 registration fee per family each school year.

While in Extended Care, students play games, read, get started on homework, play outside, and enjoy quality time with friends. Children are supervised at all times to ensure a positive, safe environment.

Download these documents for additional details:

2016-2017 Extended Care Notable Dates


  • AM Program begins at 7:00 am and ends at 8:00 am
  • Program begins at 3:30 pm for K-3rd students
  • Program begins at 3:40 pm for 4th to 8th-grade students
  • Program closes at 6:00 pm for all students
  • Snacks offered to children at 4:00 pm
  • Care provided in Formal Dining Room
  • Special days will be indicated on school calendar
  • Snow Days — no lunch provided

Late Pick-up Charges

Late pick-up charges are billed at the rate of $1 per minute after 6:00 pm in 5-minute increments. Late fees are billed to your Family Money Saving Plan (MSP) account.

Family Money Saving Plans (MSPs) explained

MSPs are designed specifically for families who know their children will use Calvary’s Extended Care on a very regular basis, or have multiple children at Calvary needing before and/or after-school care. It is also designed to help families budget their expenses because the fee is the same flat rate for each billing cycle. This is a family plan, so each student in a family is to be enrolled if the family elects to participate.

Weekly fee charged pays for time used in:

  • Morning care
  • After-school care
  • Snow days
  • Early dismissal days
  • Most holidays (please see school calendar). Other days as listed on the accompanying calendar (Note: Extended holiday sessions — Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Breaks — are NOT part of the MSP as these times offer special programs and opportunities)

Parents register for care to be part of Money Saving Plans (MSPs). Parents wishing to register for a MSP may do so only two times per year — prior to the school year start date for the 1st semester, and prior to January 1 for the 2nd semester. We are changing to an hourly drop-in rate available to be done at the end of any billing cycle. Families are billed semi-monthly.

Billing plans

Full-Time (Money Saving Plan)

  • Must register prior to the due dates
  • Receive care in AM and PM
  • No additional charges for after-school clubs and programs (Note: Some clubs may require a materials fee)
  • No additional charges for early release days, specified holidays, or snow days
  • Please see the Extended Care Calendar
  • *Extended school holidays not included — Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and Spring break
  • Charged $55 per week per student
  • Full Use = At 12.5 hours each week = $62.50
  • A savings of $7.50 per week over the drop-in hourly rate of $5.00

Drop-in/Hourly rate

  • $5.00 per hour in 15-minute increments
  • Rate is for AM and/or PM care
  • Charged for after-school clubs and programs at hourly rate plus any material expenses
  • Charged for early release days, holidays, extended school breaks

Early release days

  • 3-hour minimum, $15 minimum — after 1:00pm
  • Specified holidays & snow days
  • 5-hour, $25.00 minimum
  • Hourly billing at $5.00 per hour
  • No lunch provided

Fee structure

All families are to pay a one-time registration fee of $25.00.

Specified Holidays/Snow days

Examples of specified Holidays/Snow days are MLK Day and P/T Conferences.

  • Registered MSP — no additional charge
  • Hourly — 5-hour, $25.00 minimum
  • Hourly billing at $5.00 per hour, 15-minute increments
  • Sack lunch needed

Early release days

  • Registered MSP — no additional charge
  • Drop-in/Hourly — 3-hour, $15.00 minimum
  • Hourly billing at $5.00 per hour, 15-minute increments

Extended Breaks — Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Breaks

These rates are projected and will be posted prior to the break.

  • All Students — flat rate per week, flat rate per day
  • Hourly — no hourly rate proposed
  • All field trip and transportation costs are included
  • All students will register for care at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Minimum of 3 students pre-registered are required for program to be open
  • Open dates will be communicated two weeks in advance of the break
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